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Agenda de eventos

27 marzo 2018

Who benefits from host country investments? Evidence of heterogeneous labour market returns to host country investments by migrant motivation

Expositora: Neli Demireva, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Sociology at Essex University. Her research interests include migration, inter-ethnic ties, social cohesion, ethnic penalties and multiculturalism.

Neli’s presentation will address the topics of her latest research. The recent refugee crisis in Europe highlights the importance of integrating migrants with different skills and different motivations in the labour market, rather than tailor policies only to the more selected economic migrants. We use data from the 2008 and 2014 ad hoc modules to study the individual and contextual factors leading recent migrants to invest in host country acquisitions, and the extent to which these acquisitions then affect their employment probability and transitions. We show that the context of reception shapes the decision of investing further in the host country. We estimate the effects of acquisitions through propensity score matching and find that, in terms of employment, non-economic migrants benefit more from investment in host country human capital. While some acquisitions such as language courses of further education may initially lower employment, they benefit the more vulnerable migrants in the long run.

Día: martes 27 de marzo de 2018
Lugar: Sala Magíster, Instituto de Sociología UC, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Campus San Joaquín.
Hora: 12:50 a 14:00 hrs.
La exposición será en inglés.

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