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¡Conoce las publicaciones de Sociología UC del primer semestre 2022!

Consuelo Araos

  • Araos, C., y Palma, J. (2022). Household Coping Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Chile. Hantrais, L., Brannen, J., Le Feuvre, N., Letablier, M.-., eds., Families and COVID-19: an interactive relationship (pp. 47-60). Frontiers Media.

Matías Bargsted

  • Bargsted, M., Ortiz, C., Cáceres, I. et al. (2022). Social and Political Trust in a Low Trust Society. Polit Behav.
  • Bargsted, M., Bachmann, I., y Valenzuela, S. (2022) Corruption and Political Knowledge Erosion. A Cautionary Tale from Latin America. International Journal of Public Opinion Research. Volume 34, Issue 2,

Andrés Biehl

Ignacio Cabib

  • Cabib, I., Araos, C., Palma, J., y Yopo-Diaz, M. (2022). Long-term trajectories of intergenerational coresidence: Evidence of living arrangements patterns in Chile. Family Relations.
  • Cabib, I., Le Feuvre, N., y König, S. (2022). Gendered retirement pathways across life course regimes. Ageing & Society.
  • Baumann, I., Cabib, I., Eyjólfsdóttir, H.S., y Agahi, N. (2022). Part-time work and health in late careers. Evidence from a longitudinal and cross-national study. Social Science & Medicine-Population Health. 18, 101091.
  • Madero-Cabib, I., y Cabello-Hutt, T. (2022). Complexity in employment and coresidential trajectories among (dis)advantaged social groups in Chile. Social Forces, 100(3), 1218-1250.
  • Madero-Cabib, I., Azar, A., y Guerra, J. (2022). Simultaneous employment and depressive symptom trajectories around retirement age in Chile. Aging & Mental Health, 26(6), 1143-1152.
  • Madero-Cabib, I., Villalobos Dintrans, P., y Browne, J. (2022). Extending the analysis of functional ability trajectories to unexplored national contexts: The case of Chile. The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, 77(7), 1280-1293.
  • Madero-Cabib, I. y Reyes, C. (2022). Employment trajectories across the life course and oral health among older persons in a developing country. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 41(5), 1397-1406.

María Beatriz Fernández

María Soledad Herrera

  • Gallardo, L., Sánchez, E. y Herrera, M. (2022) Aging and family relationship among Aymara, Mapuche and non-indigenous people: exploring how social support, family functioning, and self-percived health are related to quality of life. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(15):9247.
  • Herrera, M. y Fernández, MB. (2022) Gender and family structures affecting intergenerational support from adult children to older parents: A cross-national study in a developing country. Journal of Women & Aging.
  • Herrera, M.; Galkuté, M.; Fernández, MB.; y Elgueta, R. (2022) Grandparent-grandchild relationships, generativity, subjective well-being and self-rated health of older people in Chile. Social Science & Medicine. 296, 114786.

Nicolás Somma

Felipe Torres

Manuel Tironi

Andrew Webb

  • Castillo J, Webb A, y Biehl A. Mapuche Transitions from Education to Work: Vulnerable Transitions and Unequal Outcomes. Journal of Developing Societies. 38(2):244-273.